How to Use iphone Without a Sim Card?

Activate-iPhone-using-Wifi-1024x576There is no doubt that iPhone is the biggest and the best smartphone in the market. Albeit, it is a little overpriced in my opinion, if you need an experience like any other, you have to get your hands on the iPhone.

The only issue is that iPhone if full of restriction. There is restriction for almost anything that you plan to do. Unlike Android, Apple has been very restrictive of their software on the iPhone.

However, thanks to a few geniuses out there. We always figure out how to jail brake our iphone. We always figure how to use restricted apps through other means. In my opinion this is quite fair because not everyone has the means to comply by Apple Draconian rules.


A similar issue that many people ask about is how to use iphone without sim card. Well, fortunately for us, there are countless reviews that talk exactly about that.

We fortunate to live in time where information is vastly available. I do not understand why Apple tries to be secretive when almost all of their information does get figured out eventually.

Anyhow if you want to know how to use iphone without a sim card you can follow a video like the one below:

This is just one of the videos that you can find on youtube. There are countless others. You can find one exactly that explains the method with your iphone model.

Apparantly, the procedure is quite simple. Therefore, you will not need to having any rage moments dealing with this issue.

As amazing as iPhone maybe, the only limitation that it has, other than the price tag, is the amount of restrictions it has. Fortunately, for us, we can get past these restriction without adhering to the laws prescribed by Apple. Hopefully, in the near future, Apple will make the iPhone more open and accessible like Android.